Week 3: Part 1

Hill work.

After 2 days (Sunday and Monday) off, it’s hill work day. After my 9 mile run Saturday, I felt it. Not sore, but I knew I had worked. And then, lying on the couch Sunday I felt my right hamstring – it was definitely tight.

I did my regular warm up (squats, high knees, arm circles and some good ol’ stretching). I felt my right hamstring as I stretched. I did fuel pre-run with toast, jelly and coffee.

Out the door at 5:40 am I went for a mile run warm-up and then I went into my planned 2 miles of hill intervals. About half way through I really felt my right hamstring being tight. Not painful, but tight. I could feel it in a way I didn’t normally FEEL it.

I decided to play it safe instead of push it. I did push through the hill work (not at my maximum intensity/effort) with a constant surveying for any pain. I did a slow, easy mile after the hill work and called it so I could get in and do some good stretching and foam rolling. Injury is not needed here.

Got in the door just before 6:30 am and the 3 year old is on the couch – and she would like breakfast now so that when she gets to school she can have breakfast there too. And she would like to know what she is having at school so that she can specifically select what she would like at home. So, banana, cottage cheese and milk retrieved I got on with really stretching out that hamstring. I got out the foam roller (which completely distracted the 3 year old from completing her specifically selected breakfast) and rolled out my hamstring, hip, calf and rear-end. Depending on how this continues to feel, I may need to consider physical therapy again. When I got back into distance running after my first baby and had signed up for a half-marathon and was working on training, I had sciatic pain in one side (I am drawing a blank on which side but seriously wondering if it wasn’t my right side…). I didn’t have it while running, but in bending, picking up the ever growing toddler, walking. Anyways, I did got to a physical therapist who determined that, probably due to pregnancy, my hips were outta-whack and we worked on re-aligning them so that I wasn’t compensating and strengthening them so that they were equal. And that meant lots of different exercises and using a resistance band and lots of stretching and pushing and pulling, but in the end, the pain went away and I completed the half marathon. Well, now, I’m post baby number two with an ever growing 2 babies that want to be picked up and I’m running again and pushing distance, so, maybe, something is outta-whack again – stay tuned!


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