Week 2: Part 3

The long run.

This week I was scheduled for 9 miles and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous after the stomach flu and a fairly weak, short run the day before. I wasn’t sure I had rehydrated adequately yet (my weight still seemed low/all over the place). But, as I said before, I hated to use one of my buffer weeks if I didn’t really have to.  Even if I wound up walking quite a bit, 8 miles last Saturday felt good, so I felt like I could complete the distance, even if it wasn’t all running. Sometimes it’s just about doing the dang thing.

Keeping on with my quest for the best fueling methods, my plan was to fuel pre-run and then at 3 miles and 6 miles and then post-run.

Pre-run I went with water, coffee with almond mild and toast and jelly again.

For water this time I put a 16 oz bottle in my flip belt and decided to run with it and try to keep moving to reduce the impact on my split. I planned on having one-third of the bottle at mile 3, one-third of the bottle at mile 6 and then I could have the last third at the end of the run as I made it to my door. I was worried that the bottle would flop around in my flipbelt but it didn’t. I put it in the belt and then slid the belt so that the water bottle rested at the small of my back.  I did have to slow to a walk to get the bottle out, opened and drunk  and back into the flipbelt- but the impact was less on my split than last week when I stopped for more water (closer to 16 oz) and a banana at the midway point (4 miles) in a 8 mile run.

At mile 3, I had 1/2 of a carrot Laurabar (95 calories, 13 carbs). I was able to get it out of my flipbelt and open it and break it in half and eat it while only slowing my pace a little instead of having to walk. I probably had all of this accomplished within a quarter mile.

At mile 6 I opened a pack of jelly bellys made for endurance activities (100 calories, 25 carbs). It took me probably close to half a mile to eat the whole pack as I had to keep going into the pack to get one bean out at a time. Since it took longer, I noticed the impact of trying to run, get out the bean and chew the gummy bean on my run more. The Laurabar I could eat faster and with the texture not being so sticky/gummy, it seemed easier to chew and get down. And in fact, when I looked at my split time, the jelly bellies impacted my split time more than the Laurabar.

Importantly, I felt good for the whole run. I didn’t feel I was losing energy or fading in the last mile(s). I did begin to feel my right hamstring, so there may be some overuse/stretching issue there to watch.  It’s probably also time for new shoes (which were ordered Friday – should arrive Monday for Tuesday’s run).

Post-run I had a scrambled egg with cheese and 2 pieces of bacon and another cup of coffee and water with the fam (lucky me I have a husband who cooks!).

I have noticed that fueling pre and post long run, I am not feeling so HANGRY the rest of the day. This means I am better at not blowing out my calorie budget that day- because even though I’m burning a number of calories with a long run it is incredibly easy for me to out eat any exercise I do.

In the end, I had 9 miles of success and I think I can officially say we have defeated the stomach flu.

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