Week 2: Part 2

The recovery

By Tuesday, the virus had made it way through all four of us. We were dehydrated, exhausted and just plain tired. Tuesday and Wednesday were dedicated to sleep, hydration, fueling and disinfecting. Every hard surface in my house was lysoled and chloroxed and every piece of fabric that could possibly be infected was washed. The washing machine ran non-stop for two days. My daughter’s fever persisted through lunch Wednesday. It was Thursday before we were back to work and school.

No physical activity happened until Friday, and even then I wasn’t sure I was ready. Looking at the schedule I did have 2 weeks buffer, but I hated to plan to put off my Saturday long run prematurely – what if something else happened? I was due for 9 miles Saturday.

I figured I would just start out with walking Friday and see where it went. The basic ritual of suiting and lacing up and getting out the door for some fresh air would be a welcome change to the days spent inside.

I walked the first mile and felt pretty good so I gave jogging a try. In the end, it wasn’t my best run ever, but it felt good to move my muscles. I felt a little sluggish but moved 4 miles. I figured the days off might not have been exactly restful overall, but I had at least given my feet/legs/knees a break from the pavement and there was not reason that presented itself in those four miles to not give the nine a try the next morning.

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