Week 2: Part 1

The stomach flu.

It entered our house, took hold and didn’t let go. My son started with it Saturday night (our anniversary and all…I have to admit, watching my husband clean up throw up off the baby’s crib and change sheets all while coughing and gaging and making sounds that had me wondering if he would be joining the baby was most romantic). And then we were all in good spirits Sunday until about 4 pm when I told my husband I was either really, really hungry or I was going to throw up. Which I did at 5 pm Sunday until 1:30 am Monday. At 7 am Monday, I rolled over in bed to come face to face with my 3 year old who was just ready to get up. My husband had slept on the couch telling me he wanted me to have more room in the bed…right. However, upon my entrance into the kitchen with the 3 year old and the 1 year old screaming the crib, my husband quickly retreated to the bathroom and the bedroom for the rest of the day. The kids suffered through my recovery on the couch with every Disney movie I could make play. And, promptly, at 8 pm Monday night my 3 year old threw up on the couch not once, but twice and then in bed and so I got the bucket and got in bed with her and every hour on the hour I held it in front of her until 4 am Tuesday.

I went from 138 lbs on Sunday morning to 133 lbs Tuesday. I slept intermittently for 48 hours. It was Wednesday before any of us ate real food or got real sleep. It was Thursday before we were able to return to work and school.

There just was no Tuesday/Thursday run. I ran the stomach flu marathon.

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