Week 1: Part 3

Schedule: 8 mile long run

I try to schedule my long runs for Saturday morning so I have a little more time since these runs take longer. I still get up early to do them with the goal of getting home before or right after the kids get up, but with it being Saturday I have some fudge room.

Up until my hill work out on Thursday, I have been doing a 6 mile run fasting – so I haven’t had anything to eat except coffee with almond milk and water. But I noticed on my 7 mile run that I was feeling hungry mid run and by the time I was into the 6th mile, I was feeling sluggish. So, knowing that the hills would tax me, I figured I would have some toast with a tablespoon of jelly pre-run and I think it definitely made a difference in my run. So, for the 8 miler, I decided it was time to start working on my race fueling plan.

So, as I was getting ready for my 8 mile long run Saturday morning, I had a piece of toast with jelly and a cup of coffee with almond milk and water. I decided to fuel mid run, so at 4 miles. I took a banana and a bottle of water and put them at the end of my drive way (I live on a rural farm, so planning where I am going to stash my running eats is going to take some planning and practice).

I did the first 4 miles with negative splits and felt pretty good. I hit 4 miles as I approached my driveway. In order to peel the banana and open the water bottle I had to slow to a walk. I tried to keep a fast paced walk going while I ate the banana and had about 16 oz of water. Obviously slowing to a walk caused my split pace to increase. I left the water bottle and banana peel on the side of the road for me to pick up as I passed back by on my way home. The banana made me feel pretty full and as I started running again, I wondered if I overdid on volume of water, banana or both.

The last 4 miles felt good though and I again had negative splits through the end of the run. I also did not feel myself fading towards the end of the run like I did the week before.

Conclusion – I think fueling before some runs and before and during some runs is important and can help with how you feel and perform during the run. Figuring out the best way to fuel during a run and the best things to use for fuel will be the challenges. Also, minimizing impact on run time is a consideration.

Since I am planning to run 3 times per week, I think I am going to follow this plan:

-Have one hill interval run per week that has pre-run fuel. Warm up for about a mile, have 2 miles of hill interval and end with a 3 mile run.

-Have one fasting 6 mile run per week.

-Have one long run per week where I am adding a mile each week. I will fuel pre-run and during the run.

I will be experimenting with how I fuel during the long runs leading up to race day so stay tuned!

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