Week 1: Part 1

The Tobacco Road half-marathon is in 9 weeks counting this week. I have 9 weeks to add 6.1 miles to my longest run since having my second baby. Accounting for an off week the week of the race, that’s 8 weeks. That gives me 2 weeks with some wiggle room for adjustment.

Today, at 5:30 am, I got in my resistance work. Arm circles, squats, leg lifts – stretch – weighted squats, arms, lunges, arms, curtsy lunges, push-ups, inner thigh drops, push-ups, crab leg lifts, push-ups, bridges, push-ups, hip circles, abs, abs, abs, abs, abs, hip foam rolling – stretch – cue 6 AM.

Shower, more coffee, breakfast, work, blog, 3 year old opens door – pause…..

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