Week 1: Part 2

My pause turned into shoving the rest of my breakfast into my mouth, Sofia the First, bananas, milk, diapers, and of course, work for my Monday.

This morning – alarm 4:00 am, snooze time 3, BIIIGGG cup of coffee, daily bible reading, change, stretch, gear, out the door 5:40 am, tunes and 6 miles of flight, stretch, shower – enter 3 year old who is cold and wants my bathrobe to lay down on the floor and cover up with and you know she also needs a pillow…bananas, milk, toast, peanut butter, second cup of coffee, diapers, 1 year old snuggles, make lunch, change, car ride, work, car ride, phone call, pick up 3 year old get her changed and get her to dance, write.

I am a pharmacist, so I do spout this healthy living thing to my patients…you are what you eat, your blood sugar is controlled but your cholesterol makes you practically a solid, meds – you take your meds, right?…yes you should exercise – I understand that your are busy but your body will not care and about your schedule and will crap out on you at some point – I know you are only 35, but guess what happens in another decade or two? This is one aspect of one of my many jobs (I have several…).

So, it was this job that did get me thinking…you know, I should make sure I am practicing what I preach. I kinda believe in that whole doing what you say thing…call me old school. Anyways, I started this job back at the end of summer, but I didn’t really get going at it until October and having this thing called a conscience, by November, I was back at trying to live the way I was telling people to live – healthy.

I was post-baby #2 at the end of August 2018. I had about 5-10 lbs more I would like to have off of me, but I was finding myself settling into that whole, “well I’m a Mom now, right?” And I had managed from about March 2018 to June 2018 to start running again, but the our whole household and extended family fell victim to the summer virus curtesy of daycare for about a month followed by some GI bug and then we were back around to August and new job/daycare/nanny/child friendly activities/family events had the fall sweeping away.

Enter, November. And I’m not sure it was the thought of having to take a Christmas card picture that I wasn’t going to be satisfied with or knowing that with the holidays tends to come weight gain, the preaching to my patients about a healthy lifestyle or the fact that my body at 35 hurt, but I strapped back on my old running shoes and said “all I have to do is walk”. And I did.

And then I got the itch to jog. I spent several weeks walking to one song and the jogging to the next song and then walking the next song and so on and so on. I stayed around 3 miles. Then I went to 4 miles. Then I was running almost the whole time, then I was running the whole time. Then I was at 5 miles. And I stayed at 5 miles, 3 times a week for a while.

January 4th – my college roommate, a maid of honor at my wedding and one of my best friends asks me if I would want to run some easy 5Ks. She is trying to get back into the groove after her baby #2. It’s February 9th. I’m game. I’m already surpassing that distance.

So then I get curious. January 6th, I did 6 miles. And I thought, I wonder when the Tobacco Road Half Marathon is…I’ve always wanted to run it. My parents have a picture of my Mom’s Dad running the Tobacco Road Race. I ran the City of Oaks Half Marathon in November 2016 when my first baby was almost a year and half. I had wanted to run Tobacco Road that Spring, 2017, but I got pregnant (planned) and I still remember the morning I had suited up, got to the door and thought, oh, I gotta get back in bed.  And running ended during that pregnancy.

January 12th, I looked it up. Tobacco Road Race (marathon and half marathon), Sunday, March 17, 2019. I thought, if I can do 7 miles today, I can be ready for the half. 9 weeks. That’s increasing my mileage by a mile a week, a rest week before the race and then 2 weeks for cushion. That’s doable. Not in it for time, not in it for qualifying, just for doing it, running it, accomplishing it.

I did the 7 miles. I signed up. Now, it’s about doing the dang thing and living it while I do it. God gave me legs, He gave me lungs, He gave me air to breath and food to fuel me. I will use this body he gave me. I will move it and be amazed by it and humbled by it and thankful for it.

The plan – run 3 times a week. I prefer Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, but I can work around as needed. I’m going to shoot for a 6 mile run on Tuesday, hill and speed work on Thursday and my long run on Saturday. Two time a week I’ll get in resistance and abs – days will depend on scheduling/kids/work. I’m going to chronicle my journey over the next 9 weeks – #MyRoadToTobaccoRoad.

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